LDD makes graphic sculptural lighting pieces, inspired by street art and industrial environments. Get in touch if you have a lighting idea you would like to bring to life.

One of LDD stunning sculptural pendants, taking on a new face with every angle you see it.

made from reclaimed messmate

The new ink series is an exploratory sculptural lighting design made from a sequence of linear gestures which create unique and surprising lighting solutions. inspired by urban environments and drawing particular reference to graffiti and calligraphic styling- the quill series is an investigation of these forms into a three dimensional expression, using timber and light as the medium. suitable for a variety of custom applications, from large wall or ceiling pieces to unique signage 

where the new Ink series began playing with led neon flex framed by timber i realised what can be done with this product, where the skies are the limits

Audrey. What a beautiful girl she is. This almost life like creature with such elegance and grace, its gentle subtle curves almost making it look as though it was carved from a piece of porcelain. Can be customized to any size and shapes