unique pieces

So bold, proud and unique like any mother, Mumma scorpion does not disappoint, one of my more elaborate pieces, taking sculptural furniture to a new level. using some beautiful Blackwood to construct this masterpiece with contrast in the 3 drawers using Brushbox and some close grain Douglas fur. This unique one off piece is like nothing else



this super sleek piece is another one of my favs. its soft gentle curves inspired by the buttress fig tree roots that snake there way through the earth. made from Douglas fur that has been sculpted and shaped to create this elegant bookcase

The house

inspired by exciting forms in architecture and recreating that in this shapely chair changing its appearance depending what angle you catch it at. using the same techniques as mr potato head 2.0 to get the gentle soft curves, this is one seriously funky chair



A familiar shape i continue to see in many of my designs this super funky cantilevered table, this piece has a boldness and warmth and is also very flexible and can be adapted to many sizes or purposes with the option for a additional drawer too.

I have always loved the flow of this piece, just seamlessly blending into its surrounding and just giving that area a glow and warmth it did not have before. with spotted gum shelves and veneered cedar for the outline this piece is truly one of a kind.


Mr potato head 2.0 

This piece shows my progression as a designer and maker, always wanted to go further and better myself,using new techniques making the form with ply and coating with resin and qutex and then shaping it by hand and eye to get the soft gentle curves, and using some truly stunning messmate boasting just as much character as the form its framed by.

i definitely have a soft spot for this piece, from its sleek hand forged steel legs, or the beautiful contrast between the reclaimed Brushbox drawer face with the softer tones of the messmate shell. Boasting some beautiful shape and form this piece of sculptural furniture is like having a piece of nature right in your bedroom

This piece has quite a lot of history connected to it. the Blackwood used was salvaged from the Kinglake area after the black Saturday fires. i had this charred piece for quite a while but i just wanted to be sure about doing it justice and turing it into something truly beautiful and unique showing there can be new life.