About Luke David Designs

Beautiful Handmade Furniture in Melbourne that blends functionality with flair

Welcome to the world of Luke David Designs, where handcrafted timber furniture masquerade as works of art, and every piece has a story to tell.

We create commissioned pieces based on client requirements. Our custom timber furniture in Melbourne features a wide range of exclusive designs that border from contemporary to abstract and beyond. In fact, so diverse is the range of styles we explore that it would be difficult to confine it to one type, pretty much like our versatile Creative Lead, Luke Neil.

Intuitive Design Approach

Luke believes that harmony and balance are integral to the overall outcome, and that these should come into being organically. He relies on a well-honed, intuitive design process that allows each piece of furniture to evolve and take form, piece by piece - without being confined to any set ideas at the onset. He loves to push preset boundaries of lines and form, and reimagine furniture via a clean lens. The use of native timbers features prominently in the custom furniture he builds at his Melbourne studio. 

Furniture, With A Heart

Luke has a strong leaning towards sustainability, and prefers to use sustainably sourced timber for his work. He also likes to repurpose materials that would otherwise be piling up in landfills, and derives great satisfaction out of transforming discarded materials into something beautiful and usable. His work features innovative applications of existing materials such as reclaimed timber being given new life in the form of eclectic custom furniture, in his Melbourne studio. 

Explorations Beyond Furniture

Luke has always liked pushing the boundaries of what is conventional. Feeling stifled by the generic styles in furniture, he started exploring new forms via cabinetry and sculptural lighting using materials such as timber, metal and even bronze casting. All of his pieces reflect a subtle linear aesthetic, while celebrating harmony of form and flow that seamlessly complements the surrounding space.

If you are looking for exquisite and distinctive handmade wood / timber furniture in Melbourne, you’ve come home. We invite you to browse through our work, and reach out to us if you’d like to start a conversation.

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