About Luke Neil

Meet Luke Neil: A Sculptural Artist at Heart

There are artists that create beautiful art, and then there are artists who redefine what art can be. Our Creative Lead, Luke Neil, is among the latter group.

Early Influences

Growing up in North Eastern Melbourne, Luke spent his childhood exploring the creative and playful potential of natural materials around him. From helping his father on building sites and building tree houses to finding new purpose for discarded objects, Luke had already starting honing his latent creativity and woodworking skills from a very young age. After completing high school, he went on to pursue his training in carpentry, and developed his skills as a domestic carpenter over the next decade.

Creative Turning Point

He soon reached a point, where doing the mundane was just not exciting enough, and he started venturing into cabinetry and furniture design. But this also felt restrictive after a while, and Luke decided to turn his attention towards more free-flowing, organic sculptural work using timber and other materials such as metal. Instead of being inhibited by a very specific outcome, he decided to play and explore newer ways in which these materials could come together, in a way that

Current Exploration

Luke believes in pushing the limits of standard structural norms, while maintaining a harmonious unity of shape and form.

Employing advanced techniques in digital laser cutting and bronze casting, he allows the materials to transform and evolve into fascinating sculptural pieces that are far removed from the limiting boundaries of conventional design trends. This gives each of his pieces a distinct personality of its own, and makes it an artwork in its own right. He is also experimenting with sculptural lighting into his sculptural work.

With a penchant for taking the ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary, Luke’s passion shows through in his work. He has exhibited at Wyndham City Art Prize, Wyndham Station Sculpture Prize, Sculptures by the Sea and the more recent Rainbow Serpent Festival.

About Luke David Designs

Located in Brunswick, Melbourne, Luke David Designs is where Luke’s creativity finds its complete expression. Over the past few years, Luke David Designs has created custom furniture and cabinetry, as well as designed its own range of timber lighting pendants and a broad range of custom furniture pieces with their own unique style and flare. Every piece that takes shape here reflects a distinct design sensibility and precise attention to detail, which are the hallmark of Luke’s work.

Luke David Designs takes on commissioned work for a variety of clients. While the designs showcase Luke’s playful versatility, every completed project is the result of close collaboration between the clients and our team in a way that is enjoyable for all. If you have a project that involves solid, reclaimed or recycled timber, then Luke David Designs can help.

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