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Custom Timber Lighting Melbourne

Light Up Your Spaces in Style

with custom timber lighting in Melbourne

Lighting has always been an integral aspect of décor. Whether it is to illuminate the entire space or to spotlight a key element, there is no denying that the type of lighting and fixtures can really transform the vibe of a room.

Luke’s sculptural lighting elevates décor lighting to a whole new level. Using methods such as steam bending and compound mitre joins to create these sculptural forms, he is able to create beautiful timber
lighting pendants and more, that are sure to invite second glances. His background in carpentry, curiosity for exploring possibilities beyond set forms and materials is what gave birth to this stunning series.

Every piece has a journey of its own

Each of the pieces take shape and form through Luke’s intuitive design process and creative exploration, and is hand-crafted with care. This makes every piece one-of-its-kind. Pushing the boundaries of conventional forms and shapes, his series of light fixtures evoke surprise and smiles at the same time, and can be considered as artworks in their own right! The unifying elements among his lightworks, if we may call them so, are subtle linear gestures  that beautifully complement the environment around, while staying true to their unique form and flow.

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Custom created, for every space

We have already created commissioned timber pendants for various homes and commercial establishments not only in Melbourne, but across Australia. As per our bespoke approach, every lightwork is unique, and specially designed for the space that it will be housed in.

The starting point for our design process is always a consultation and discussion with the client, to better understand the specific requirements for each project and space. Our Creative Lead, Luke, allows every lightwork to evolve organically, while being in harmony and balance within the larger environment. The result – standout silhouettes that not only have a palpable presence of their own, but add to the personality of the space.

If you are looking for exquisite and unconventional custom timber lighting requirements for your project, we would love to have a conversation with you.