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Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Celebrate Fresh New Beginnings

when you choose our reclaimed timber furniture in Melbourne

Sometimes, the end can be the start of a beautiful new beginning. This is exactly what we at Luke David Designs celebrate as part of our work, when we transform reclaimed or recycled timber into stunning pieces of furniture, at our Melbourne workshop.

There is no denying that timber has an irresistible old-world charm, and the more aged it is, the more character it exudes. After all, every reclaimed piece of timber has had a unique journey and a story, and this lends a very distinct persona to the furniture that it helps create. Moreover, the fact that this is also environmentally kinder makes it all the more appealing. It is therefore no surprise to see recycled timber furniture gaining popularity not just in Melbourne, but all across the country.

Rewriting Timber Tales is Our Forte

Our Creative Lead, Luke Neil, is known for his explorations with form and structure, and for creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that defy convention. His strong leaning towards sustainability inspires him to repurpose, and give new life and utility to a variety of discarded materials. Be it cabinetry or custom woodwork, his creations in recycled timber are an expression of his innate creativity and refreshing worldview.

Luke’s penchant for artisanal woodworking flows from his intuitive process, and his ability to arrive at unique solutions for problems. Needless to say, this also inspires our entire team and reflects in the wide variety of custom jobs that we take up. Every piece of reclaimed timber furniture created at our Melbourne workshop is a result of this creative process and a rich collaboration with the client, to help achieve the desired results.

Reimagining Furniture

Luke believes that furniture can combine both utility and beauty. This is why all the recycled timber furniture we create at our Melbourne workshop have their own way of harmoniously blending into their environment, while also asserting their individuality. The unique and unpredictable woodworking styles you will see across our collection has become our signature.

If you are looking for exclusive reclaimed timber furniture in Melbourne, we invite you to visit our workshop in Brunswick. You could also have us create bespoke furniture for your residence or commercial space.